Parent Involvement

We strongly believe that family support is essential to our children’s success, and teachers and parents are partners in fostering each child’s education. Our parents are active participants in their child’s education and language development through weekly activity reports and notebooks, teacher conferences, social activities, classroom observations and volunteering.

Parent education and support are also essential aspects of our program. Through parent education programs we provide parents with information about hearing loss and its impact on language development, as well as strategies and techniques for helping their deaf or hard of hearing child develop listening and speaking skills. Northern Voices works to ensure that every family we work with understands and considers the full range of communication options for their child. Our Parent Support Group provides a supportive learning environment for families and invites speakers to present information on such areas as medical technology, tests and assessments, disability law, and strategies to promote language development.

We encourage and invite parents to be actively involved in Northern Voices by participating in activities and events. Parents can stay informed about upcoming events by regularly visiting the Community section of our website.

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