Northern Voices’ successful program is based on an innovative, research-based curriculum developed by Jean Moog, an internationally recognized leader in deaf education who demonstrated that a highly focused approach to the teaching-learning interaction dramatically improved the achievement of deaf and hard of hearing children. The award-winning curriculum, developed by Moog while principal at Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis (CID), has twice been recognized for excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. No other program for children who are deaf and hard of hearing has ever received this award.

Daily, individualized instruction is key to the success of our program. The school day includes several periods of highly focused spoken language instruction in small groups of two to four. Groups of this size provide ample opportunity for talking, and also ensure that the teacher connects with each student, precisely understands each child’s skills and can gear the instruction to just the right level for the greatest challenge and success. We match our students with peers who have comparable spoken language skills, giving them a peer group to facilitate further learning and build their confidence.

The focused small-group and conversation lessons are balanced with plenty of opportunities to move around and participate in recreational and learning activities to ensure that the skills learned in small groups are generalized to a larger group setting. Our highly trained, caring faculty includes speech language pathologists, teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, and specialists in early childhood education. This breadth of expertise ensures that our students benefit from a well-rounded, age-appropriate learning environment that meets all their needs while remaining intent on the goal of developing the skills of listening and speaking.