Northern Voices adheres to an auditory/oral philosophy. Most children who are deaf or hard of hearing, regardless of their severity of hearing loss, can learn to speak and to understand the speech of others. Developing the ability to speak makes it possible to communicate independently with other hearing individuals, thus providing greater independence to participate in the world at large.

Through its program, which recognizes effort and improvement as well as achievement, Northern Voices provides a supportive and stimulating learning environment in which children who are deaf or hard of hearing can grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Our student/teacher ratio of better than four to one allows for programming that is specifically designed to fit the unique abilities and learning style of each child.

Reading is a process of decoding written symbols that represent an already known language. If a child does not understand the language they are decoding, then they will not comprehend what they have read. Therefore, language instruction is the core of all teaching, since acquiring competence in reading is dependent on language.

Our teachers are deeply committed to the oral approach, and have the knowledge and dedication to make a significant difference for the children we serve. They are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Education in the areas of deaf education, speech language pathology, early childhood/early childhood special education and/or elementary education. They continue their professional growth and expertise by attending workshops, classes and conferences.