Enrollment Process

Northern Voices maintains an open enrollment policy throughout the year, because the earlier a deaf or hard of hearing child can start learning about sound, the greater the potential for auditory, speech and language benefit. Research indicates that there are significant communication benefits when children are enrolled in early intervention programs by six months of age.

We welcome you to get in touch with us at any time to learn more about our program and determine whether Northern Voices is the right choice for your family.

In many cases, the child’s home public school district will pay the cost of attending Northern Voices. Our staff will help guide you through the process of initiating that dialog with the school district. In cases where assistance from the school district is not available or parents choose not to pursue it, the program fee is determined based on a very reasonable calculation of ability to pay, and an affordable monthly payment schedule will be arranged. Program fees make up only about 27% of the total cost of Northern Voices’ programs; foundation grants, private donations, and special fundraising events make up the difference.

We are committed to ensuring that each and every student, regardless of income level or family background, is provided with the best opportunity to achieve lifelong success.