Northern Voices has developed many strong relationships with other organizations. Some of these are support services for medical issues and others are ongoing partnerships to develop appropriate educational services. The school routinely works with the child’s chosen health care professional(s), local school district and others to ensure the sharing of accurate information, observations and testing results.

Moog Center for Deaf Education, St. Louis
Northern Voices programs use the Moog Curriculum. This curriculum was developed by Jean Sachar Moog, Director for Oral Deafness Programs for the Oberkotter Foundation,  while she was principal at Central Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis, Missouri. The award-winning curriculum has twice been recognized for excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. No other program for children who are deaf and hard of hearing has ever received this award.

University of Minnesota Medical Center, Minneapolis
Many students of Northern Voices have used the excellent services at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, including the option of cochlear implant surgery. This is one of two locations in Minnesota offering these highly technical services. The dedicated staff in the Audiology, ENT, surgical and rehabilitation divisions have been very supportive and proactive with our students, staff and board of directors.

Mayo Clinic, Rochester
The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota offers audiology and intervention services to our students. We work to create a collaborative relationship between the school and clinic to provide maximum support for families and their children.