Parents dream to have their child reach his or her full potential. At Northern Voices, those dreams become reality—through early, specialized intervention, children with hearing loss learn to use listening and spoken language to find their voices. We believe that families should have a choice in the communication modality of their child, and our goal is to provide a center of excellence for families who choose listening and spoken communication.

All children deserve the opportunity to meet their full potential. In our organization, we believe that this can only happen through a commitment to continuing education, and communication and collaboration with families and professionals. We strive to provide children with a warm, supportive environment full of opportunities and laughter.

Listening and spoken language is a choice for families of children with hearing loss. Kids with hearing loss can learn to listen and talk. We invite you to come in and hear the possibilities.

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  • 8th Annual Walk for Talk & SuperHEAR-O 5K on Sunday, May 7!

    4 April 2017

                  Save the Date!  May 7, 2017 is the 8th Annual Walk for Talk! Same Location – Central Park, Jaycee Shelter, Roseville Registration and fundraising details are available at: Or, click the banner on our homepage!  

  • Raising Voices – Celebration and Gala Event

    13 January 2017

      Join us for our Inaugural Celebration and Gala Event, RAISING VOICES! We want to celebrate our students and those who have contributed to raising strong voices.  We hope you will consider inviting a special person who has made a meaningful difference in the life of your child (teacher, coach, mentor, grandparent) as well.  We’ve [...]

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